So I’m Out There Trapping

One of the skills I’m learning this quarter is how to trap and live capture mammals. I set out some sherman traps in various areas in and around the forest reserve on the campus of UCSC. My traps were laid out in the early evening. My goal was to catch N. fuscipes, or the Dusky-footed Woodrat.

2015-10-04 17.25.37

I left some cotton filling in the traps, just in case the little guys get cold over night. For bait, I used some oatmeal. I left oatmeal right outside the trap to attract the critters, and some inside, to hopefully entice them to enter my traps.

2015-10-04 17.25.11

Unfortunately, none of my traps captured anything. Very disappointing, but I did also set out a Bushnell Camera Trap next to some Puma scat. Hopefully I catch him or her on film!


If I capture anything interesting, I’ll update the post!


While reviewing the camera trap, I managed to capture photos of a canid and a bat (I believe).

Bat.mp4_000000826 Bat.mp4_000000730


Disclaimer: All trapping was done on the UCSC Reserves under the supervision of the UCSC Natural Reserve Steward. No animals were harmed, and all captured animals were returned safely back into the wild.

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