So I’m Trapping Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I was on a trip to the Fort Ord Natural Reserve, which is a part of the UC Reserve System. It was an overnight trip and we were setting out sherman traps again.

2015-10-10 17.08.00

I resolved to catch more critters this time around! I thought I would pay a little more attention and see if I could locate the little guys by sound, rather than digging through the brush. Where ever I heard something rustling around, I set a trap close by. As you can tell by the photo, my traps weren’t too cleverly hidden.2015-10-10 18.28.13

At first glance, most people would think that my successful rate would be abysmally low. My professor even suggested that I reconsider my trap locations. I knew there were critters nearby, because I could hear them, so I ignored his counsel. I was pretty glad I did. By the end of the trip, I had captured 9 critters out of 14 placed traps for a 64% success rate!

I caught two Peromyscus californicus, four Peromyscus boylii, two Peromyscus maniculatus, and one Chaetodipus californicus. I briefly considered trying to go for Neotoma fuscipes, the Dusky-footed Wood Rat, but all of the wood rat nests were nestled safely in the Poison Oak. I felt it was best to keep my distance from the Poison Oak without any PPE.

Disclaimer: All captured species were safely returned to their point of capture. All trapping was supervised and monitored by UC staff.

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