Beaver Dams of southwest Ohio

The question that I am often asked is where is the best place to see beavers. I’ve listed my top picks below. These areas are easily accessible to the public.

Fernald Preserve: Beavers are located everywhere here. However, the area that holds beaver dams are currently under restoration, so I will not be listing the exact location here.

Riverside Natural Area: Beaver dam located at 39.36737 N and 84.5664 W.

Hueston Woods: Dams would require trekking through unmarked terrain, however there is a substantial lodge that you can view (same lodge as the one in the featured image above). The lodge is located at 39.58562 N and 85.76121 W. Please note, I would recommend watercraft launched from the marina to view the lodge. However, you can observe it, using waders or by swimming, if you depart from Group Camp site A, 39.58571 N and 84.762512 W. Please always check for any advisories here before heading into any body of water.

Three Minute Thesis
I took first place in Miami University’s Three Minute Thesis Competition. Once the edited video is provided to me, I’ll embed it here.

I also took People’s Choice at the 2019 Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools 3 Minute Thesis competition.

Redhawk Talks
I opened up the 2019 RedHawk Talks with my talk, Beavers are friends, not nuisances.

Poster exhibited at the Cartography Competition during the 2019 Association American Geographer’s Conference: